Sep 26, 2018
PowerUpOrDie (All reviews)
"Tada-Kun Never Falls In Love" has no business being good. It borrows some of the oldest tropes in the book, its 'plot twists' can be seen a mile away, and calling much of anything about it original would lead me to think you REALLY don't watch much romance in any medium. And yet... you end up enjoying it. It can be strangely charming, perhaps simply because it has no pretensions of being anything other than what it is and plays it straight.

She's a bubbly, naive princess trying to get outside of her sheltered royal life, he's a jaded, more mature guy, they meet and both their lives change. Stop me if you've heard this one before. OK, you probably have- Tada-Kun has some striking resemblances to a famous old black-and-white American romantic film called 'Roman Holiday'. The OP even includes a brief clip of Tada and Teresa on a Vespa scooter that directly references the most iconic scene of the film. Maybe that's what let me let my guard down with this show, it quietly acknowledged what it was going for and didn't put on any airs. Now granted, if you don't accept this series for what it is you probably won't be following along for very long. There isn't much comedy that goes beyond getting a chuckle (except for a brilliant gag involving a Golgo 13 reference of all things), and towards the end it can be plenty melodramatic.

Now while animation is fairly standard, the aesthetic is quite nice. It has a vaguely pastel look that can be quite soothing and the character designs, while they follow well-worn archetypes are nice enough. Sound is a flat 5 here, I don't remember any of it for good or bad. The characters are also nothing you haven't seen before. For example, Tada's two best friends are the comic relief guy and the girl-crazed horndog senpai, two archetypes who are practically obligated to appear in every anime love story until Japan sinks back into the Pacific Ocean. Also, Hinako must be ordering her eye glass from the same place Superman gets his...

I don't know how they did it, but 'Tada-Kun' on paper did everything wrong... but still came out alright.