Sep 25, 2018
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
A lot of mangas centered around being suspenseful end up feeling really random. A certain degree of randomness is present in almost all manga due to how it's released with it coming out over time and varying degrees of course correction due to feedback. However, in cases where the draw is the twists and turns, such as in death games, the abrupt nature of such can be glaringly obvious and it becomes quite clear that the author is changing from what they were originally planning or possibly even that they have no idea where they're going with the plot, rather just making things up as they go. I used to hate such stories quite a bit, as it felt like a game where the overarching rules are arbitrary is quite pointless. However, in time I've come to be able to appreciate these to at least some degree, where they can still have some pretty interesting characters and moments throughout. This is such a manga. The overarching plot is completely arbitrary, with the rules of the game changing constantly. Furthermore, the character's personalities also change randomly, as do various other plot devices. Hence, it certainly stays suspenseful moment to moment, but with such randomness there isn't really much to talk about regarding the overall story. It is an interesting premise though, trying to force love, though I wish I could have seen it better implemented. The characters overall are pretty interesting, and though they're pretty random overall with it not being clear where they're arcs are going, they seem to fit into their roles pretty well by the end, and though the roles are pretty cliché, with the two main heroines being a yandere and classic tsundere, it fits well enough. The ending is an easy cop out that works well enough overall considering it was never really trying to go for depth, though the attempt to run around it with the flashback structure was sort of ridiculous. The art was decent enough. 

A manga that is highly arbitrary and random, but still manages to have some good points.