Sep 24, 2018
aubreyaylaine (All reviews)
*Just because I rated this a 6 does not mean this anime is not worth watching*

"The faith in the promise we made, gave him the strength to move on."

This story is pretty basic. I do not feel like there is too much to it. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

The art is nice. I just personally am not a fan of different graphics used together in one anime. So you Kind of get the typical cartoony look but then you have the yokai which will be more computerized at times.

The sound was basic. Nothing out of the ordinary in my opinion.

You didn't get a huge variation of characters like you would in some other anime. But I did feel a connection to the overly emotional character.

I enjoyed this anime a lot still because I could relate to the feelings and emotions that were portrayed in the story line. For me, that is more than enough.