Sep 18, 2018
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
This manga is a lot deeper than I thought it would be. It starts off pretty light, and the elements related to god are pretty nonsensical 'trying to sound scientific' mumbo jumbo, particularly when it comes to Kameji trying to explain various things, but beyond that there are some strong lessons and meanings by the end related to what being a god means, and what humanity's relationship to them should be, as well as what being normal is. It gets quite messy and there are some inconsistencies, part of which are explained away in a cheap manner, but all in all I thought it did a good job and I feel it definitely conveyed the core messages it wanted to. There's a good amount of reasonably decent action and comedy, but the drama is what really drives the manga forward, and that ended up quite heavy, particularly towards the end. The main character seems quite flat at first, but it turns out there's quite a bit more to his personality, and ultimately that results in the relationships between the various characters also being more complex than I thought they would end up being. The ending itself, while bittersweet, I think was a good ending. Him moving on and how that was presented had a lot of impact. And furthermore, where the relationship web stood at the end of things, still close friends with Kameji, improving relationship in a new direction with Kei, and romantic atmosphere with Saika, was solid. Hence, I would say the ending was quite satisfying. The art was decent. 

A manga that has quite a bit of depth and though as it goes on it gets pretty messy it ultimately reaches a solid conclusion.