Sep 17, 2018
Jashin-chan Dropkick, yes Jashin-chan Dropkick. One of the series that has defined the cultural slice of life comedy series of the last generation in the history of anime. This is a series that has changed significantly over the past summer.

What I love 'bout Jashin-chan Dropkick is the whole “devil aspect” of the show. Every technique had substance, quality and all of the assassination arcs really shown the defining elements of how devils worked within the Jashin-chan universe. These qualities are something I will soon not forget. I know a lot of people complain about Jashin-chan Dropkick being a half-ass wit that can’t do anything Or perhaps Pekora being useless. But in a way, I look at the series as being a little different, especially in the developing of characters.

Yukiwo did not intend to create the story with a “badass” character right from the start, toppling people one after the other, no. Jashin-chan Dropkick was set up in a way that much resembles an ordinary life and the tribulations and tests you must go through. Death is at every corner and Jahsin-chan is a devil that is trying to fit in with the rest of the humans and be "recognized" I think that was one of the main defining elements of the series. Yukiwo wanted to show that Jashin "is a character that no one likes because she has the body of a serpent". You can only wonder what she is thinking, being in his predicament.

Watching her grow up as a devil and trying to kill Yurine, but realizing that she is in a world fraught with fascinating anime girls. Watching her friends get all of the food while Jashin-chan only gets a very small slice that can't even stand on its own. The degree of emotion in the series was something I really enjoyed. It was really powerful. I remember hearing people spout nonsense in the discussions boards "omg too much drama, get on with the fighting already" But I actually liked how Jashin-chan Dropkick had that drama, it fits in with the entire theme of the series. It kind of brings a whole different realism to the show compared to other slice of life series. I won’t state any names.

One of the things that Yukiwo really focused on in the original was friendship and bonds. That's one of the major theme's watching this group of friends grow up together, learning from her friends and becoming a great devil in the process, learning the ways of the human world. This show explores themes of lust, love, epic fighting, and greed to a very astounding degree.

The characters in this series were in every sense of the word children, growing up in a world full of adults that were much more talented in both skills and combat. That is not to say the show was made for children. Just that Yukiwo wanted to show the younger generation the main characters of the show grow and the progression and development into well-rounded characters. They had to learn the ropes of what being a devil is like. These devils are put to the test to show how they must use every ounce of their ability to survive and protect the people they love.

Perhaps maybe the reason that I love Jashin-chan Dropkick so much and the reason it feels very nostalgic to me is because when I watched it for the first time when it was airing, It was one of THEE most popular anime series on the net and not a single person had anything remotely unscrupulous to say about it. Suddenly after the first episode filler arc, or the not so appreciated “trying to kill Yurine”, it lost its reputation and became a show just muddled by idiots that call anyone a Jashintard for watching it. I have seen how the fanbase has changed significantly over the past summer of watching Jashin-chan Dropkick. It is quite sad really.

I still consider Jashin-chan Dropkick to be one of my favourite quality anime series, regardless of where it’s going. Perhaps maybe its because I'm very infatuated with devils and like the unique way that Yukiwo has created this human world, similar to how I really love Initial D for its drifting. Every arc is something new and fresh so Yukiwo can develop on that and expand upon the show in various different ways. Initial D had some of the greatest character backstories and cast I’ve seen in a series, but it did suffer from story progression a bit thankfully Jashin-chan Dropkick does not. It has a pretty solid pace and some of the most groundbreaking plot twists.

I guess it’s all a matter of personal preference and what you like to see in a show. I myself am not a huge fan of typical slice of life tropes that are used consistently, but I love how the original series gave us a so much of a more powerful emotional impact to the show. In a way, it felt more humanized as opposed to the more generic school girl elements of slice of life animes.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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