Sep 17, 2018
Mixed Feelings
In the season of intense comedies, Jashin-chan Dropkick is the no man's road followed, the black sheep of the genre with the comedic supernatural "violence and gore" aesthetic. Despite all this, you know it's legitimately bad when straight at Episode 1, the producers don't even care to open to us about the characters and their traits, and just straight dives into the comedy action.

For this reason alone, there are 2 camps: the enjoyment and frustration factors.
If you enjoy this series (like myself), the jokes are few yet decent, the many parodies it tries to imitate with the slapstick comedy. Other than the misplacements of the jokes and such that I willing to forgive, this is yet a decent move in the right direction.
If you hate this series (like everyone else who dropped the ball at the very beginning), the violence and gore from Jashin the viper herself will turn heads off, and the comedy will get old really fast. To top it all off, there are barely traces of character development, just their precarious situations towards the harm of another.

With that said, studio Nomad (rise from your grave!) has done a good representation of the anime adaptation. Sure, it looks simple and bad, but for comedy purposes the drawings are meh but OK, and they fit their purpose.

In the season of less stellar OPs, I thought that Jashin-chan Dropkick had one of the most creative and funny OP sequences, and props to the VAs for the OP song, which I like a hell lot now, and watching this with song lyrics subtitles just up the ante for me.

If you feel like you have time on your hands and need a little breather, this series will do, if not go watch others that are much better. And while I enjoy this series from start to end and is underrated, unfortunately it's not a show you will remember in time to come.

Jashin-chan is no mere devil, she'll Dropkick on you heavy!
Reviewer’s Rating: 6
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