Sep 12, 2018
NitroNeedle (All reviews)
Niizuma Koyomi: The Animation is the kind of hentai that leaves me with an easy smile, after cumming. In the days, where a lot of hentai seems to revolve around dark subject matters: rape, NTR, abuse, blackmail, coercion, and the like... It's nice to bust a nut to something that's cute, likable, and doesn't make you feel guilty, even if you ARE into those darker elements. Well... Unless Harem is too much for you. Vanilla can still be sexy, when it's competent, like here.

Our protagonist, Nakamaru Soushirou, is an apprentice to a potter, and a lucky enough bastard to have 4 lovely ladies propose to him, all around the same time! Of course, he can't decide, just like that. We still need to see all of them take their turn with him, before that!

And something I find strangely refreshing, is that they agree to do, just that. They all agree to have him for a day, in order, and make sure he's in on it, in the first place. No one's going behind anyone's back, nobody's intercepting him, while he's to be with someone else, and no hearts are broken.

Our four fiancés are all nicely distinct from each other, covering a fair range of tropes, and proportions. Additionally, they also have their own unique relationships, ways they knew him, and even ways they refer to him. For the ease of reference here, though, I'll specify their hair color:

While they're not terribly unique as far as anime or hentai characters go, none of them come across as annoying, nor distractingly bland. Tamaki (pink), has hints of tsundere, but doesn't force us to go through the whole "baka!" shtick. She doesn't even use the word. Kuzunoha (green) is somewhat furry, being a kitsune girl. But that doesn't go much beyond ears, a tail, and some tailplay. Shino (black) has a little dynamic, referring to Nakamaru as "little brother," but that's clarified more as a friend-thing than incestual, since they were childhood friends, and all. Koyomi (brown) is the most basic, and yet one of the most aware, of this whole arrangement, and what it means.

Sound work is good all around. About par for hentai of this year. Voices work well for their characters, and effects emphasize sex in the right ways. Music wasn't too memorable, but gets the job done.

Animation & art are slightly above average, I'd say. Body types are of a nice spectrum, in terms of proportions, and endowments. Nothing's really exaggerated, but there's still plenty of energy in the sex, and it also conveys the different moods appropriately: cautious, kinky, intimate, motherly, etc. Faces are nicely animated, and expressive, not staying one way for too long, and the protagonist's eyes aren't shaded out very often.

If i can nitpick a bit, I'd say that tongues at times can look a little too... plump, I suppose? And one of the times the protagonist's eyes are shaded out, is when he's a little kid during a flashback. Also, some of the repeating cycles can look a little obvious... and occasionally silly. One other funny quirk was when a rectum was shown, it was uncensored, but the instant it's touched by a finger: instant mosaic.

I might seem to be harping, or praising on this episode, for what it's not, rather than what it is. But that's because what it is at it's core is vanilla. It doesn't do too much
new with it, but provides competent versions of the basic formula, varying in form, setting, and background. Think of it like several scoops of vanilla ice cream, each with their own toppings that go well together.

This is also my first review up here, so I might not be an outright expert on everything.

TL:DR-- 8/10 Good clean fun.