Sep 11, 2018
MetaThPr4h (All reviews)
Perfectly fitting for the 31th of October (the day it started screening), the theme of this movie is pumpkins with a tone of... cute Halloween? As the title indicates, this movie is split into three parts, so let's get into each!

The first is a short animation in CGI where a small version of Cure Flora plays with some ghosts who fake like if they were a reflection of her, up to what I watched of Precure so far I will say that this was the most "fully kid oriented" moment of the series, and... damn it was cute!

The second part is the main bulk of this movie, with the Precures suddenly being transported into Pumpkin Kingdom, a place that definitely lived up to its name. I would say that while definitely enjoyable, this part was pretty average in comparison to how great the main series is, the villain didn't get more detail than "yes, he's bad" and is definitely forgettable and didn't leave much of an impression, and the side characters weren't anything special either, but it delivered as usual when it comes to enjoying whatever the main cast does and in the action scenes, not to mention that some of the pumpkin fairies were pretty funny.

Lastly, there is a part where the girls (once again) get transported to another place, but this time becoming CGI in the process, I will say that how this looks is pretty hit or miss depending on the viewer, but I personally got used to it from watching the 2nd ending of the series over and over of how good it is (and it's in this movie too!) so it ended up looking pretty nice. This part was funny (goofy Zetsuborgs being the MVPs) and the action with CGI animation looked pretty nice, the story was alright and tried to be a bit emotional which didn't work due to its short duration not giving time to feel attached to the situation.

Overall I would say that this was an enjoyable movie but definitely nothing special when it comes to the story or the characters featured in them. If you like Cure Flora as much as I do I can't recommend it enough because she gets a lot of spotlight, if you liked the TV series of Princess Precure it's well worth a try, and if not or you only feel interest on it if it has a good story... definitely skippable honestly.