Sep 11, 2018
Craneface (All reviews)
It's been a while since I finished the anime, meaning all Junjou and Sekaiichi seasons.
So I'm gonna write a review of Sekaiichi as I feel like giving a shoutout to a specific thing from the anime that I'll be mentioning in a bit.

Let me quickly add to this that it was amazing to watch Junjou and Sekaiichi crossover moments, it was awesome and a great idea.

Anyway let's get into it!

The story:
The story itself is great and super cute in so many ways, and there's a lot of drama and like JJR, the characters in this anime always tend to overthink everything that happens, which sometimes gets on my nerves but yeah.
I like how this is all based on real artistic manga editing, speaking of the characters daily jobs in the story, or so I think.

The art is super great and the face expressions the characters are able to show in each scene is just on the spot.

The characters:
They are each unique but it can be difficult to tell them apart because..
Yeah they look alike.
But it was a good idea to add more than just one couple to the series like JJR did.
It appears the youngest looking main characters always have their funny expressions way more often than the other partner of theirs, and it makes me laugh all the time, of all the anime series I've watched, these JJR and SH made me laugh the most.

As for what I was gonna mention, is how a lot of episodes ends up with the watchers (us) gets a view of the skies, while this one character screams his lungs out, whereas an echo is heard afterwards, that always make me laugh it's so funny that this kind of scene repeats itself so many times in Sekaiichi.
Giving an example on what the character could be screaming as the episode is about to end:
Amazing, very good idea!

Anyway, overall, I really like Sekaiichi and Junjou and they're very alike of course.
If you have yet to watch Junjou, I recommend watching that first.
I give this anime a 9.