Sep 10, 2018
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
Just so you know, these things are where you'll get to hear the infamous Haru laugh. It made me happy cry and added 18 years to my life.

So, the music and art for these are as good as the main series (minus the openings and endings, obviously). These aren't exactly bloopers, but more like a bunch of mini OVAs. Basically, you're getting like a two and a half minute story involving the five boys from Free! Most of them are simply funny, like one involves Makoto and Nagisa experimenting to figure out just how much water it would take for Haru to start stripping. The one about Haru's laughter is heartwarming.

A couple of them do actually add a bit to the story, though not much, and I think one of them ties into the Drama CDs (which are also super cute and funny, by the way). For example, one of them will show you why Rei wore the speedo he had on during the first day of practice at Iwatobi. Naturally, these are just sort stories so you don't get character development or plot development, but you'll get a few good laughs, and maybe you'll even cry. If you want to hang out with these lovely characters some more, definitely watch these.