Sep 7, 2018
literaturenerd (All reviews)

It's finally happened. I'm actually going to dive far enough into the anime cesspool to review a Nagao Takena anime. Leave your standards at the door!


So who the FUCK is this Takena guy? Nagao Takena is basically the Shadman of anime, only he uses claymation for some reason. Nobody likes this guy. Nobody gives him positive feedback on his work. Nobody is funding this man on patreon or anywhere else. None of this stops him. He will just keep cranking out the worst claymation the world has ever seen until the day he dies. There is something quite admirable and beautiful in that. Takena must be aware the whole world stopped laughing at "Oh No Mr Bill" in the 1970s. There is simply no demand for horrible things happening to little clay guys in a comedic fashion. Takena doesn't give a fuck that his dream is antiquated, absurd, impossible, and the whole world is laughing at him. He is a modern day Don Quixote and we all kind of HAVE to love him for it.


This is a comedic spoof of the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre film using claymation. Some young teenagers are on a date and one is brutally murdered. A girl runs into a house and encounters a whole family of psychopathic killers. They knock her out with a meat tenderizer and you probably know the rest.


Since Takena is entirely a 1 man production, the music is composed by him using MIDI. Sadly, Takena is NOT Nobuo Uematsu. The soundtrack is basically a cat walking on an old Casio synthesizer.


This anime is shit. It is complete and utter shit. However, I'm not giving this a 1 because it was made by only 1 person and I kind of admire his ambition. Same reason I didn't give Midori Freakshow Girl a 1. If you want to see what TRUE shitty anime is... or you just want to pad out your list and get some more achievements on MAL graph, I would check this shit out. It's only 5 minutes after all.