Sep 6, 2018
EggheadLuna (All reviews)
【 The following is a review of : Mahoutsukai Tai and Mahoutsukai Tai (OVA) 】

Going to quickly cover the OVA and TV Series of Magic User's Club in this review. Mahoutsukai Tai is memorable, in both entertaining and appalling ways; it's franchise that had a decent OVA and then duplicated into a GOD AWFUL television series that is among one of the worst that I've ever seen. After all, what is animation if you don't make objects float in the air instead of animating them?

• Let's start with the OVA. The first thing that caught my attention in the OVA is amount of love the creators seemed to have poured into it. Though not necessarily good, you can tell that the creators had an immense passion for their project.

• This series seems to do what Project A-Ko did and expanded upon typical archetypes to make them entertaining. We have the pervert with glasses, the klutz, the tomboy, the flamboyantly gay guy, the beautiful flaky girl, and the ojou-sama character. Comedy with stereotypes can work if done right, and I think this OVA is a thumbs-up venture. On the other hand, while the OVA was endearing and lovable, the TV series the complete opposite. Please, if you get into the OVA, don't watch Magic User's Club TV .

• The TV series debatably looks worse that some Christian cartoons that were probably funded by a small town church. The animation is ATROCIOUS. There's no point to even having made this sequel, because the new character that the TV series chooses to focus on has no point. Instead of fighting a menacing megalith, like in the previous version, it's just a little transgendered person that likes to mess around with the characters in his free time.

• There's a school festival that lasts forever, and random things like Akane shrinking or Sae visiting her family. And none of these episodes are written in a charming or likable way, like the script in the OVA. I had to force myself to sit through this train-wreck of a TV series. It's like they wanted to make a lazy cash grab and decided to make all of the same jokes as the OVA to a nauseating degree with a low budget and questionable character developing moments.

• Again, don't watch the TV series, but the OVA is fun. Watch that. Overall, I give Mahoutsukai Tai OVA a 5/10 and the TV series a deserved 1/10 because it was abominable!