Sep 6, 2018
LunaPrecure (All reviews)
So, Air Master is a really bad show, but it's mildly entertaining in a campy way. I think I need to somewhat summarize how weird this series truly is.

• Seven foot, 14-year-old girl challenges an incredible amount of aberrant-looking (and acting people) to street brawls, along with her lesbian lover that has breasts that look like two bean bag chairs. Seriously, Mina has boobs as big as that gelatinous monster from Occultic;Nine. Oh, and she's voiced by Yukana (C.C.)? And there’s a shrieking midget… girl? The gender is more on the ambiguous side, but our main heroine is no different. Seeing as she could contend with Conor McGregor in stature.

• The aforementioned heavy-weight champion in-training, Maki weighs like 250 pounds, she specializes in aerial attacks, and manages to fly through the air, despite having a body like a primal man from the Paleolithic ages, and often flashing her panties. There's a lot of surrealist humor, and buckets of fanservice. I'm not usually a person who likes copious amounts of fanservice, but the comedy makes it acceptable to watch. Though disgusting, but I think that's the point?

• I would describe Air Master like: What if Grappler Baki met Eiken. Or Peepochu. It's raunchy, gory, and somehow hilarious in its over-the-top depictions of characters. I feel like this would be the type of show to get drunk or high with your friends and watch, but probably not something worth watching on your own, or if you're sober.

• The animation and the art are possibly the worst part of this train-wreck of a show, it was almost unwatchable, at times, with how bad the animation was. If you value that aspect of a series, don't watch. I feel like you only have to watch one or two episodes to get all of the enjoyment that you're going to get from this series.

• All of the men in this series are perverted rapists (especially Julieta Sakamoto), but I guess, what do you expect when you seen a panty shot or boobs jiggling every few seconds? This series could have been a bizarre street fighting hentai with how fucking strange and awkward everything is.

• There is no existent plot, just insanity ensuing. It's just plain absurdist twaddle, with the addition of the mentally-impaired main girl, I mean ogre, beating the crap out of characters on the street, while her merry band of freaks that accompany her do not amplify the case show’s image.

• The satire and mocking of the fighting genre is the biggest achievement of this show, but no one can deny how awful it is. I particularly didn't like the ending of the show, it tried to be something, even though it was best at doing nothing, and then answered no questions. Who are The Eternals? Should we even care?

• Overall, should you watch Air Master? No. ONLY if you're bored and want to get a laugh out of something weird. You're better off watching a Yoshiyuki Tomino reject series, like Garzey's Wing. I give Air Master a 3/10.