Sep 4, 2018
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
The premise of this manga seems a bit generic but there's a lot of different things that can be done with it so I thought there was potential. It turned out to not really do much with it though. The plot is a complete mess with no clear direction going off in random directions constantly and ultimately coming to a conclusion that resolved nothing of the many plot threads it seemed to be opening at a whim. The characters have interesting concepts in general, which was the main reason I felt there was potential, but the author seems to have a difficult time deciding what he actually wants characters to be, and hence they keep going through major personality switches constantly. I feel a major part of that is that the author didn't seem to be able to decide whether he wanted to portray vampires as good creatures or monsters that were redeemable, nor able to decide whether the church was somewhat misguided but good or power-hungry jerks. The flip flopping on that felt ridiculous. Hence, the twists were all pretty bad, character development felt non-existent, and just overall everything felt arbitrary. The battle system was also completely lacking any substance or structure and the comedy was also mostly a miss. I really did like the art which was quite good though.

A manga that has nice art but in terms of everything else is too random to amount to much.