Sep 4, 2018
Onidere (Manga) add (All reviews)
hexashadow13 (All reviews)
This manga has a decent plot and some solid characters, but it seems to get bogged down by a number of issues. The first is that there are a bunch of sub plots that don’t seem to advance things in any meaningful way. I suppose that the intention was that the comedy would be enough to support these, however the comedy starts getting somewhat repetitive as it goes on, so it isn’t enough. In addition, while I think the story of the main couple was quite good, with good character development and great relationship development, and the various things surrounding this relationship such as Saki being involved in the love triangle or the key fight with suitors greatly helped with that, but the various other romance plots that didn’t have any contributions to the main couple felt unneeded, as they ultimately didn’t really amount to much. Taking all of that into account, I think there was an incredibly solid story in there looking at holistically, but it simply dragged on too long without enough happening at points, making it somewhat of a slog to read at times. Still, where it mattered it came to a pretty satisfying end, albeit one that felt a bit too short. I would also like to point out that I usually don’t mind inconsistencies, but some of the ones here that popped up between chapters were pretty glaring. The art was only decent.

A solid story but one that gets incredibly slow quite often.