Sep 2, 2018
JoshTheGayReal (All reviews)
After having watched the full 'Toradora!' series, the first full anime series I have ever actually completed, I found myself wanting more. Luckily, there are extra little 'Toradora!' projects/specials like this in existence. Unluckily, 'Toradora!: SOS' is extremely flawed and is laughable compared to the original series; however, the characters ARE still here, and are fun to spend further time with, even if, for some reason, they are these bizarre miniature versions of themselves with bigger heads and smaller bodies. Also, it was kind of upsetting to see that, for literally no reason, Taiga and Ami are just these weird cat girls now; they have cat ears on their heads and tails. Everything else about them is human, except for the ears and tails, they're neko girls and I kind of hate it. There's one point in which Taiga is excited to see her friend Minori, and her means of greeting Minori is heartwarming in a way due to what we've seen previously in the series, due to how truly loving and powerful their bond and friendship is, but then it just cuts to Taiga's cat tail wagging excitedly and it's like "wtf even is this". Other than that, it's a mostly silly show in which these lovable characters react absurdly to various foods, and it's pretty consistently funny and extremely short. If you loved the original series, you might as well see this if not just as a curio.