Aug 28, 2018
IntoxiRaptor (All reviews)
Wo De Ni Tian Shen Qi is an original anime from china that doesn't copy the fate series in any way shape or form. prepare for plot twists but i don't think Gilgamesh will be happy to see another faker.

The story isn't a variant of the holy grail war in any way shape or form but i must say shiro's trace on ability has been inherited greatly. it's an enjoyable series if you don't take it seriously or have flashbacks to fate which is a random occurrence since it's 99% original .

The fights in the beginning are pretty good as they build up hype for the progression of the characters but it falls off pretty stale as they feel less choreographed and more about 1shot nuke your opponent.

The best quality from this anime is the music/sound which is really soothing and conveys the atmosphere really well but those fate flash backs just slap you in the face.