Aug 27, 2018
x3o2 (All reviews)
Still waiting for this studio to stop reusing the same models for every show they make, altho i can't really blame them since it's a pretty straight-forward loli with big tits.

Our MC gets bullied by some girls and gets really angry. From here he somehow gets the power to control their bodies/minds in such a way that they are aware of this but cannot stop themselves from following orders. And as such, the MC starts exposing them in front of the classroom, one ends up pregnant lol? some scenes are a little rapey, and ofcourse they still call him bad things during the acts! how great hentai is.

Some parts are a little imoral/degrading , but real spicy. Each girl has some sort of internal monologue which only makes it better,

Story - 7
Art - 8
Sound - 8
Character - 7