Aug 27, 2018
9sayaka (All reviews)
A great case study for what NOT to do in film making.

Why they took half the movie to recap the series is beyond me. It wasn't even a good recap, literally a clip show from the first half of the series.

The second half of the film, which is new content, based off of the light novels, was interesting and had fantastic action sequences. Too bad I had no idea who the hell any of the characters were and the plot was so rushed that it hardly could be called a cohesive story.

This shouldn't have been a feature length film. There was enough content that it should have been its own 12 episode series. They really bring a whole new meaning to the term "accelerate", as the movie was way too rushed to adequately convey any sort of emotion, and viewers like me who haven't read the light novels are forced to piece things together the best we can.