Jul 21, 2010
Wanted (Manga) add (All reviews)
Sisseltong (All reviews)
WANTED (the first three chapters) is just a standard lovestory mixed with Pirates.

I give the story a seven. It is simple and standard, but that doesn't mean that it is bad. I loved to read something simple and plain.
The art is beautiful and I give it a nine! I love Matsuri's art and thats why I've started to read this and her other manga's. Sometimes it is confusing, because it is sometimes unclear.
The characters aren't that special. Armelia is just like every main character in story's like this. The same for Luce. There are also the same villains and so on. Six points.
I even showed a friend who also read Vampire Knight a scan from this manga and asked her who the characters are. She said without hesitating that it were Yuuki and Zero. I thought the same, so the characters aren't very original.

Overall, it is great! I enjoyed this manga and wished that it could be a little bit longer.

If you're searching for a shoujo manga with a bit action, this is it! :)