Aug 20, 2018
BabyGirl06301 (All reviews)
Why am I writing a review for bloopers? Because I'm OCD, that's why. Essentially, what this set of episodes is is a bunch of animated bloopers, each ranging from 1-5 minutes long.

They're all together quite funny, and I think the thing that was enjoyable to me about them is that they really helped me to let go of the series once I had finished it. It lets you go back into the world of these characters without having to rewatch the entire series. Not to mention, you actually get to see some stuff that you wouldn't get to see in the series (like Kuroko laughing). Other than that, though, it's just lighthearted, good fun to watch.

This season of bloopers were a little bit lackluster. Not that they weren't funny, but they weren't as funny as the previous bloopers.

Obviously, there's no character development or anything that benefits the story, but it does lighten up some of the more intense moments of the anime, so it's nice to be able to let go of some of that tension.

If you wanna watch it, go ahead. It's fun at the very least.