Aug 19, 2018
mirishster96 (All reviews)
At the moment, only 307 people on MAL have read Ozanari-kun and 58 are reading it right now.

And that's a shame, because Ozanari-kun is a hidden gem.

What's most jarring, at first glance, is the art style.
The deranged Osomatsu-kun-esque character designs, which Asano Inio uses for joke characters in some of his other manga, are used here for every single character, and coupled with the often surreal backgrounds, they don't exactly make this manga accessible to people who aren't used to this sort of thing.
I, personally, love it, though. The same story could've been told with "normal" art, but that would just lessen the impact of it.

Because of that, these characters might seem simplistic, but after reading a bit more, you'll find that they have as much depth as any others from Asano Inio's manga.

And, while the plot description on MAL is accurate, Ozanari-kun is much more than a gag manga or a gag manga parody. It does start off as a traditional, and particularly nonsensical, gag manga, but, gradually, the tone changes and the plot picks up, until it turns into a completely different story.

The two main characters, who start off one-dimensional, also begin to show their complexities, as they deepen to the point of the reader being able to care about them, despite their simple looks and blank expressions.

I won't spoil the plot, but it deals with some themes typical for Asano's manga, like searching for meaning in one's life and the cluelessness of youth.

And, if what I've already written wasn't enough for you to check Ozanari-kun out, each "chapter", except the final four, is only two pages long, so there's really no excuse not to spend an hour or so on reading this.