Aug 19, 2018
Nutmeg_Juice (All reviews)
This movie is what you would expect from a MHA movie. It centers around the lovable and diverse cast of characters, all in a self-contained arc of heroism and villainy. I walked into this movie expecting well animated action scenes mixed in with fun character interactions and dynamics. The movie did indeed match my expectations in that regard.

Story: 7
Not the strongest aspect of this movie, as it was pretty predictable and cookie-cutter for a movie about heroes. The plot can be basically boiled down into good guys hitting bad guys - which pretty much completely sums up the content of this show. Not all is as mundane as I am making it sound though, as the movie also contains some narrative points involving All Might that I'm certain many would find interesting. Additionally, there were some genuinely thoughtful and cute scenes scattered throughout which stands out amidst the simple (but by no means bad) storyline.

Art: 9
Yet again, this is the same art style we are used to seeing with the TV series. It doesn't seem like any extra effort or time was put into the drawing and framing of each shot. The art was great to begin with, so no complaints here. We got more of what we already love. Oh, and I can't talk about art without mentioning the fight scenes. I'm not going to spoil anything - but trust me they seem to have went the extra mile with those.

Sound: 9
The classic MHA soundtrack. I think most, if not all of the OST is used somewhere in this movie. Once again, the OST is great. So no complaints here either.

Character: 8
Not all the characters from Class 1-A is focused on in this movie, which is reasonable considering that it may turn out to be an animation and narrative nightmare for the staff over at BONES to include and do justice to so many of the characters we know and have grown attached to over time. The movie still faces this problem of no real 'character development' and I use this term loosely because it can be argued that there is. However, the point I'm trying to convey is that nothing much in this movie is consequential in affecting the wider narrative. The movie chooses to base the character's conversations on pre-established character dynamics instead. With a weaker cast of characters, this may prove to be a problem. But due to the sheer charisma and good pre-established relationships, this doesn't serve to be much of a problem in this film.

Enjoyment: 9
I got to watch this movie in a Japanese cinema, which definitely played a part in affecting my enjoyment of it. The characters were fun to watch, the fight scenes were exciting and clever, and the fan-service uh... was there (it honestly got to the point where it was straight out cringy at times for me, but I'm sure people would enjoy it nonetheless) - what more could you ask for.

My Hero Academia The Movie, is by no means groundbreaking or remotely close to it. It is pure fun. If you like the series already; watch this movie. And if you don't; you shouldn't go into this one expecting it to be any different.