Jul 20, 2010
KokoWater (All reviews)
the only thing that got me starting this show was Funimation channel. it seemed really interesting at first, although the story line is cliche. but i decided to give it a try. already from the first episode, i could tell that Momo was going to be a pain to watch. she was so obsessive with toji from the get go. but it wasn't until later on that you could really see her obsessiveness. she threatens to jump out windows, get's angry when she sees her boyfriend talking to someone else other than her, and she waits 5 minutes for her boyfriend. any later than that, she assumes the relationships over. pretty obvious she's desperate for a boyfriend....she just get's plain annoying. her decisions were plain, and her love life over exaaggerated.

everything about this story is unrealistic. i had heard many peopple say "this show is amazing! i can relate to it so much!" .......ok? u cannot relate to this story what-so-ever. it makes no sense. many plot twists seemed like they were just made in an attempt to keep the story going. like when Kairi decides to go on a whole trip walking the whole summer. yeah right, like his parents would let him do that in the first place, but basically the creators only made him leave so that they could try to make the drama greater by bringing in toji again. momo's feelings are always unclear. and she's such a sap and goes with the flow too much. if she cries and someone comforts her once, she immediately thinks "this person was there when i was feeling down. i love him".....SHE CANNOT CHOOSE!!!! if i were kairi or toji, i would dump her. i just don't see what they find so captivating and attractive about her. she cannot hold a decent relationship even if her life depended on it.

basically, the characters could've been so much more. Momo is out of the question. she is no doubt the most annoying person in this whole show. Toji is just some freak stalker who can do nothing but stalk Momo, hoping to be her comfort when kairi makes her cry. that could be depicted as sweet, but later on it just get's creepy. he'll begin popping out of no where seemingly having no plans that day, and you'll wonder what he does with his life. Sae is...annoying, yet smart. she gets annoying because all she wants is to ruin someone else's life, but then again, she is clever. she uses her resources wisely in order to get what she wants. and she has backbone. but still... she is pretty annoying. the only thing that kept me going through this show was Kairi. he seemed aloof, loveable, and a sweet sensitive guy. his methods to cheer up momo were cute. but then after a while, he too began getting on my nerves.

i'm not gonna say much about the art. the art was good. it was different than others. but it had it's awkward moments. they didn't seem to focus too much on the quality of the opening. in many occassions, Toji looked like either a bird or a fish. and the sound wasn't good either. at first the theme songs seemed okay and fit the story quite nicely, but then they just got annoying again. like everything else in the story. the ending wasn't too good, and the opening seemed okay at first. but as you can guess, you get tired of hearing "baby low tension" it just loses it's catchiness.

so as you can see, this show was a fail of slice of life. the creators tried to make it entertaining and easy to relate to, but it just didnt happen. i found myself groaning in disgust at most of the episodes, and the only reasons i actually finished this show was because
1. there was nothing to watch
2. something in me still believed that this show could get better
3. i didnt want to leave it unfinished.
characters were bad, soundtrack bad, storyline bad, and...yeah that's basically it.