Jul 20, 2010
moeblobfan (All reviews)
If you watch this, you should know what you're getting: Ecchi in its purest form. No plot, no story or character development; just pure unabashed fanservice.

And that's where these specials do everything right.

Who are we kidding? No one's going to watch this for the story or development of relationships between characters - it's just for the fanservice.

The character designs are great if you don't mind the slightly chunky designs of some of the females or the missing noses. And since these specials are only about 4 minutes each, the quality is kept up.

The music in the background is somehow very fitting... and the voice acting is just what you would expect from the characters of the show. Just fine.

Enjoyment? 10/10. You know why.

But rating these specials for the enjoyment and overall happiness of it would be ridiculous. So in fairness of its complete lack of story, but it's prowess in all other categories (for an ecchi series), I'd give the Ladies vs Butlers! Specials a passing 7/10.