Aug 14, 2018
Rachiba (All reviews)
Have you ever, in your childhood, thought that one day your sisters would come to your room and say "Let's have sex"? In my case, that has never happened because I do not have sisters. If it were the opposite, my mother would not be so careless to let my sisters do it.

In any case, Cherry & Gal is a hentai where minors are used in explicit situations, either with a sister or with an unknown friend. This morbidity is complemented by the style of animation made perfectly to Paint. Incredibly, I want to stand out a bit with music; although it is not much, in the "Perfect" moment when the shota is in its climax, this somewhat dramatic music sounds in my headphones (Or, at least, it is what I felt in the first episode).

A common and current history, but that puts me in doubt the use of minor children in those situations. I'm not a shotacon, but people who are, would agree that a minor should not have sex; It is not the shota's fault of the first episode that her sister forces her to have sex (Although they decided to look for a balance of that in the second episode, being the shota of that episode who takes initiative). In any case, it is morally incorrect.

The lack of consideration of the people (And forgive me if I make a reference to the people who discussed the two chapters right now) makes me think about how cynical the works can be. In the same way it would be the case if this hentai was with the lolis. Using as minors as an object of rape is the equivalent of using old men to rape girls. I do not know what you think ... "This hentai is bad because they adapted it very badly!