Aug 14, 2018
Preliminary (11/? chp)
Everyone should read till chapter 2 before deciding whether to continue.
The story is really not what I expected it to be at all. Firstly, the main draw are the two protagonists - both are charismatic and have a great, but twisted dynamic that is so exciting to watch unfold.

The heroine, Yoshino, is a badass even though she doesn't physically fight and she is literally the opposite of what I thought she'd be. At the beginning, she is seemingly naive and rather out of her depth upon moving to Tokyo, but she quickly turns that impression on its head by the end of chapter 3. She is EXTREMELY adaptable, strong-willed and outspoken. She doesn't tolerate anyone, regardless of who they are, trying to mess with her.

Equally, there is so much intrigue surrounding the male protagonist Kirishima who himself is incredibly unique; I don't think i've come across a similar MC. He is a too faced, unreadable but handsome masochist. But he drives change within Yoshino, and she too, has sparked something in him which is why they work so well as the main duo.

The side characters such as grandfather Somei and Gaku are funny and likeable. There is also Shouma who is quickly becoming a fan favourite. The plot is strong and focused and is centered on yakuza politics; in every chapter there is A LOT of dialogue. The art style is distinctive and I particularly love Yoshino's design, especially her feminine, mature ojou-sama - ish aesthetic and manner of dress. The men have attractive designs too, the tattoos on Kirishima and Shouma are incredibly detailed. It's still a new manga but I have high hopes for this because Konishi Asuka is really amazing, going by her other work Haru No Noroi. I honestly haven't read another manga like RWTGI The closest would possibly be Koroshi Ai..
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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