Aug 11, 2018
magaiverix (All reviews)
Short review about this show= Overall 9/10 (raiting fluctuates around 7-9) why? ez I just like medieval epoch with magic, dungeons, adventures, actions, some hide romantic= My era my dream world. (DONT forget read the bonus especially those which are gamers and like this anime).
Story 6/10 it means not good atm, becouse 50 episodes and I am at 23 episode and main story is still hiding somewhere, but main hero still surprises with its own character and adventures.
Art 7/10 I would like more detailed art, but..... the feeling that it would be 2002 year with art drawing style, but you can still watch if you liked like me (dungeons, comedy, actions, unexpected moments, magic).
Sound 8/10 music just almost in my taste and same with >sounds< (>Water magic I hear a water splashing sounds like real, fire like fire brrrrrr! Sword hitting sharp sounds and also ambience<).
Character 10/10 almost all heroes have history what very satisfied and for the rest I don't care.
Enjoyment 9/10 every day 2-4 episodes.
Overall atm 9/10 I dislik only abit art others like like like.

Bonus- Bandai Namco Games will release a game called BLACK CLOVER: QUARTET KNIGHTS Sep 14, 2018 on PC/PS4= if you will get hangovers until ends black clover 50/50 episodes then this game is the removal of a hangover.