Aug 10, 2018
optex (All reviews)
6 - fun watch (cute grils), weak/unstable story (just as unstable as the bipolar characters)

Random thoughts so far:

-Shallow characters -
either they're mentally unstable, a background character or mentally unstable & a background character. the superficial personas are incredibly generic & the psychopath personas...iuno, I think it'd be safe to say they're built around stereotypes like if someone grabbed some symptoms off WebMD & pretended they had the disease (but worse). There seems to be a pattern of characters witnessing domestic abuse & becoming traumatised; to give an example, the blonde femboy (he should be in the chara list) gets pounced on by a cougar(rape), which unchains his inner lolicon.

-Repetitive -
Satou continually rambles on about love, she also never forgets to tell her fellow psychopaths that their perception of love is skewed; "that's not love" should be her motto.
There are 2 moods that pop up quite frequently: 1) The sparkly flowery which appear during lovey-dovey moments/when the characters are fantasizing about their fetishes & 2) The 'bitter' mental breakdown when Satou confronts someone bitter (the aforementioned folks whose perception of love disgusts her). Each has their distinct background music+sounds & visuals.
Perhaps the series is just slowly hammering stuff in with the recurring imagery+motifs.

-Annoying loli-
Pretends to be innocent, whiny, useless, controlled by fear, afraid of loneliness/cheat (ye she does business with her mom, her bro, Satou & the blonde femboy & misleads all of them). Hopefully these characteristics will be touched on more since they agree with the story's current themes.

-Story's direction? idk-
The first 4 eps were mainly repetition but each revealed a little extra context about the characters, the most recent beginning to hint at the deeper motivations of the main characters. Honestly, I have no clue what the series can do in another 8 episodes given it took 4 (maybe more) just to introduce the characters. It's likely the sort of show that just breaks into a slice-of-life mid-way, brings in a final boss/villain/conflict then tacks on an ending. How Satou & Shio decide to interact with each other in the remaining episodes may just as well make or break the series.