Aug 10, 2018
ShotgunXShogun (All reviews)
Say What You Want About Netflix Hijacking Anime or Whatever, But This Show Was AMAZING!!!

Okay, we all know, Netflix had a VERY rough start when it came to their anime adaptation attempts, especially in live action form (though I don't think those should almost ever be attempted in the first place, but I digress) as well as a few super CGI-heavy stank bombs, but boy oh boy are they turning that track record around faster than Grandmaster Flash on hash DJing for the 100 meter dash mon amis! I hadn't even heard about this show until last night and, needless to say, I binged myself into a coma on it and got up very tired for work today.

The animation as a whole is astounding, some of the most fluid, fast-paced, well-edited incredible set piece littered extravaganzas I've seen in a good long time. This show essentially has the beautiful aesthetic of a Ghibli film if it was directed by the guys who made Psycho-Pass with an even more flippant desire to depict totally gruesome and disturbing murders in a gritty crime drama setting that somehow effectively flows between slapstick comedy with very likable characters to John Doe "what's in the box" moments and superhuman slash-fests amongst some of the most awe-inspiring badasses and shudder-inspiring villains in the modern medium.

The show pulls no punches, it's got all the nerve to back up its at times very dark tone and it never ceases to impress with every episode feeling more compelling and exhilirating than the last, eventually leaving ya boy praying to the Black Winged King for Season 2 to come out as quickly as the animators' hopefully not-artheritis-laden hands can sketch it up. If you like action, mystery, drama, comedy, or ya know anime, hey, you'll prolly like this show, check it out, 9 out of 10 from me folks.