Aug 10, 2018
Boknoy_Buhisan (All reviews)
Made in Abyss is a story about a young girl's adventure to find her mother into the bottom of the Abyss - a huge hole in the middle of the city of Orth.

The anime is a GREAT watch throughout but after the finale, it left me more questions than answers which is what I hate most about anything. The lore is extremely interesting. The creatures, the levels of the abyss and the myth of the abyss itself is nicely portrayed. The lead characters are well developed even the supporting characters like Leader, Ozen and Marulk are deep enough that you care for them in the little screen time they have.

The music is great! And surprisingly not written by a Japanese. The visuals are excellent and almost looks like a movie production. Most notably the lush and beautifully drawn environment inside the abyss. All the layers of the abyss have their own unique look. The animation are great too. If you are looking for epic fight scenes tho, you'll be disappointed. Most of the action are of Riku and Reg trying to escape the creatures.

Each episode feel like standalone arcs and they were written concisely. The Ozen story was haunting and the Nanachi/Mitty story was heartbreaking. Really. Just the thought of Mitty makes me sad.

Overall, I enjoyed this show a lot. But it is not as epic as the hype that it was being given. The upcoming second season feels like it would definitely be epic though, so I am really looking forward to that. And a video game adaptation will be definitely be on my radar as well if that happens.