Aug 6, 2018
Katsudon96 (All reviews)
i watched this Subbed back last November in cinemas... it was good but not watching the series subbed before hand, made it confusing a little... and the fact the subs moved quickly in some parts... Finally watching it dubbed nearly 1 year later made me remember how amazing the dub was with Shiro's cute voice... Also being used as Shuvi's voice. This movie is great in sub and dub and now all i want is Season 2.

The characters are brilliant in this, the pacing is pretty perfect, and the story is great all the way through. you feel sad, happy, jealous and what ever the feeling is when something funny happens out of the blue... this is at least a 9.5/10... but MAL don't let you post percentages... so a 9 will suffice.

This movie also made get my first Scale Figure Preorder... it being the 1/7th scale Kotobukiya Shuvi... which looks amazing in person. it sparked something getting that figure... anyway enough figure talk. if you love the series you will love this.