Aug 3, 2018
BrianMJK (All reviews)
Only does who read the manga of the anime would be able to follow this OVA. In the anime, they end at development between Masamune and Aki, but the OVA jumps over what happened after the anime ended. Many would be confused after watching the OVA. The OVA was interesting in its own sense to see more character developments. I don't want to spoil what happens in the manga for those who wants to go read it, but in order to understand what is going on in the OVA, reading the manga is highly recommanded.

- I rate the story 8, the plot and the setting was very interesting to me.

- Art would be rated 9. I was not disappointed, beautiful as always.

- Sound, I gave it my average rating for I do not give much attention to the sound unless it is about voice acting or music.

- I rate the Character 9 for the development was far more in-depth.

Over all, I would rate this 7 or 8, for it lacks backstory and would make people who didnt read manga just confused.