Aug 2, 2018
Swordarc (All reviews)
With so many people thinking that Madoka Magica brings a great impact to the dark Mahou shoujo anime,Madoka Magica doesn't really feel that great to me.It tries too hard to explain its settings and it doesn't really feel emotional.At the end,I only think that Madoka Magica is an endless "game" with characters involved,but nothing more.It feels lame and hard to let me feel emotional.

+the atmosphere fits the story
+kinda interesting story premise
+pays effort on explaining settings
+Characters do have their backstories

-Tries too hard in explaining settings
-Characters feel lame
-Hardly feel emotional to me
-Doesn't really have good visuals
-ed is too rocky

*spoiler alert*

The whole idea of Madoka Magica is to balance the universe,trying to use the energy of shoujo from their emotional gap between hope and desperation.They send Kyuubey to "bait" the characters,giving them an ability to make a wish,but they need to become Mahou shoujo in return.

With such story premise,it feels interesting and it also have a dark tension in it,but unfortunately,I can't really grow up on the characters as they seemed to be baited by kyuubey,they don't really deserve my likings.Although each character seems to have their own backstories and their own wishes,they're just like characters in a bait game.Sayaka becomes Mahou shoujo is because of her crush,she's so naive and stubborn.Homura becomes Mahou shoujo because of the friendship with Madoka.Mami's reason is unknown.Madoka's reason at the end is because of saving the world.Kyouko's reason is because of her family.Kyouko and Homura do tried to save Sayaka,but she never listen,like other people,which this is the way to keep the cycle running.Get baited then regretted then trying to save others but they don't listen.In this process,more girls will get baited as well due to emotions or other dumb reasons.People feel emotional because of the events of the characters,but I hardly do so,because they feel dumb,stubborn and lame to me.

Moreover,the ending is indeed feel rushed,there's no reason why Madoka become Mahou shoujo in the first place at the very starting point.What wish did she make?Why did she become mahou shoujo at the first place?These never really explained.Although Mami's death does seem to have a purpose to the story,her story doesn't really explained.However,the writer decided to continue to build on this seemingly interesting premise and let it running.Characters feel emotional to others,then become mahou shoujo,which eventually her friend motivated to do so as well,it's an endless dark cycle game.The whole idea do feel interesting,but fails on it at the same time due to rushed ending and its storyline.At the end,I don't really feel satisfied on what I get from Madoka Magica.

In addition,this leads to the story become predictable.With all the dumb characters that joined into the game,it's pretty obvious that Madoka is the main purpose of the anime and she'll save the universe.This isn't really surprising.

Animation and sound does give me some dark atmosphere,but it isn't considered as great.Some evil enemies do feel like from paper cut and there isn't really have much colourful visuals in the anime.There are background music and sound effects,but doesn't really attractive,ed is too rocky for me and doesn't fit into the depressing game.The op by clariS is pretty good though.

For me,Madoka Magica is a Mahou shoujo game built up with an absurd story premise that seems to be interesting.It tries too hard in explaining the facts and the characters,but failed into deliver a remarkable story with such idea.I do see the efforts by the writers,but it doesn't really deserve my likings at the end unfortunately.