Jul 30, 2018
SMKurosawa (All reviews)
I thoroughly enjoy the Resident Evil Universe, so me liking this would probably be no surprise.

This 20 minute short was made for Japanese arcades or something for kids to watch for a few yen. It made its way to Youtube and got subbed, and as such, everyone with an interest in RE has seen it.

The story is decent. It's short, simple and to the point, and adds more lore on top of the Raccoon City storyline, fitting in nicely with 2, 3, the Outbreak series, the added Chronicles scenarios and the Drama album. Nothing much to say other than, it's fun, harms little lorewise and does all it needs to do in a short span of time.

The only issue is the ending, where Dr Cameron kills the crew and takes the van they rode in on. The only way you can work your way around this without saying 'Dude, it's non-canon' is to say the bomb sweep from the end of Outbreak took her out, or the nuke from the end of 3. Other than that, we just have to assume Dr. Cameron is out there, somewhere. Perhaps, she might even be Joe Baker, and Tyler Hamilton was actually the leader of Red Umbrella.

Now, the art, that is to say the CG they used, looks terrible today, and the sound along with it. This was a pretty low quality affair, and I'm betting they got the same CG artists who did RE3 and gave them a thousand yen and a sandwich.

Characters are good. You get to know them in the 20 minutes and they're fun to watch half the time.

My enjoyment watching this was a 10. From the terrible CG to the conundrum of Dr Cameron's escape, I very much enjoyed this. And, it fits nicely into the canon, unlike Vendetta which bulldozes over characters we've come to know over the years.

Overall, I give it an 8, and if you want more RE you can only find on youtube, BIOHAZARD the Stage and Musical BIOHAZARD Voice of Gaia are fun affairs. The BIOHAZARD Raccoon City Drama album is good as well, check it out.