Jul 26, 2018
Tyrraell (All reviews)
Youhei Pierre takes place in 15th century, medieval France and it shows us a glance of Jeanne'd Arc, one very interesting and inspiring historical personnae, seen through the eyes of our protagonist, who is mercenary ringleader.

Right off the bat the " narrator " is filling you on alot of historical facts about the war between France and England, which is appreciated since you're not left out, wondering what's happening and all. Story-wise the manga is interesting, mostly because it's representing a place and period not common for your typical manga, so that keeps it fresh, and also because the interesting interaction between Jeanne and Pierre (the mercenary leader). Her naive and idealistic, even merciful approach to the war is totally conflicting with his well-calculated, cruel and effective methodology to fight, but in the same way, both characters influence eachother along the story. A problem you could find is, that basically this manga doesn't pay attention to any other characters out there, and almost all of them are kind of bland.

Art-wise, I think that's the biggest plus for this manga, it's rough sometimes, even gritty, but very detailed when it comes to showing castles/towers/weapons or armor, it's really pleasant to see the various battle scenes, the armaments of the combatants and generally the details concerning combat.

So to summarize, this manga is short, but very good read especially if you are into history, medieval warfare or looking at steel-clad knights mashing eachother, although by itself the conflicted dynamic of the main characters, as well as their personnal struggles on the background of the war, which is all around them, is enjoyable read in general.