Jul 22, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
Hanebad AKA Hanesaki Badminton is yet another underwhelming sports series from 2018. This time, our series focuses around edgy feelings stuff, crying scenes and other melodrama, and the title itself already acknowledges it is bad.

Apparently, life is pointless and so is badminton, so wearing an edgy face directly from Madoka Magica whenever someone hits the ball, or cringe flashbacks with sad feeling stuff occurs, is obligatory. I have no idea what the series tries to accomplish by anyone crying every 5 minutes and reflecting their suicidal vanity via badminton. Better cut myself some wounds that won't heal to understand how deep it is, I guess.

Our characters are pretty boring. Moeblobs whose character design has gone thru more planning than their personalities, filled with bunch of psychological problems and depression, used by the author in purpose of trying to make someone feel for them because they are so full of these emotions, man. Practically the whole crew is Inside Out's take on what being a bitch in different ways is about.

This series also contains one of the most random scenes I have ever seen in the history of anime. Girl 1 yells at girl 2 in anger, followed by girls 3-5 yelling at girl 1 for yelling at girl 2, further followed by girl 4 starting to walk off into the sunset while girls 1-3 and 5 watch. All of my wat.

Originally, I was hyped to see the animated trajectories of badminton, but I have been too distracted by the obviously-an-anime character models and the thought that someone might start crying or kill themselves in the middle of a match, to get impressed by it.

Perhaps those who don't find the shonen sports formula to be very appealing, will find some satisfaction from this, but be warned: some edgy series are fun and some are this anime. I will still give this a generous 5 because there seems to be a chance of it getting better, which alone is worth of something because most airing series don't even have that.