Jul 21, 2018
Vazka (All reviews)
Not only is this the worst Gundam anime, it's one of the worst anime of all time. In this review I'll be talking about both seasons. There will be some spoilers. Im going to have to include some of them to truly prove how terrible this anime is.

So the very first reason why this anime is terrible, the characters. The only character I actually enjoyed was McGillis Fareed. I will say that he was an enjoyable character to watch since he was so mysterious. Other than that, all of the other charactets are bad. Since the moment I started this I knew the characters would be terrible. This anime has such a large cast of characters, and that is a problem. Since there are so many characters, barely any of them had character development at all. Almost every single character is one dimensional, and that is absolutely terrible. The thing is, I wouldn't have too much of a problem with the very minor characters not getting any character development. The problem is that the main character (Mikazuki) gets absolutely no significant character development throughout the entire series. Like seriously, he hasn't had a significant change in his character since episode 1. The other character, Orga Itsuka is just as bad. Now I'm going to have to include a spoiler, so if you arent caught up you might want to exit this review. There is a character that goes by the name of Shino. He sacrificed himself in an attempt to kill the enemy leader in episode 45. Once he fails, Orga Itsuka tells tells everyone to go back and rescue Shino. This is just one of the many examples of extremely bad writing. He has been leading all of the orphans for such a long time yet his leadership skills didn't develop at all. That was his moment to shine and actually develop as a character, but they fucked it up. He could've actually started acting more like a leader but he didn't. Once again ladies and gentleman, this is onle one of the many examples I have for this review. It's already bad enough that most characters don't get developed, but if the main two characters never had any significant character development, then that is an absolute problem for the story. My next point is that this many episodes in this anime have no story progression whatsoever, specifically the first season. All they fucking did was fight battle after battle until they escorted that one girl to earth. The plot of this anime is somewhat similar to the plot in Jojos Bizarre adventure part 3. The main cast of characters just had the goal of arriving to a destination. This was really bad in the case of this anime, since a shit ton of episodes had no story progression at all. What made Jojos Bizarre Adventure part 3 at least interesting was the battles. Each battle was a masterpiece in my eyes. It was so much of a pain to even get through part 1 of this shitty anime because it's extremely slow paced.

The animation and sound are really the only good things about this anime. The openings and some of the fight scenes are pretty damn good. I won't talk much about this anyways. The good animation and fight scenes wont redeem the bad writing that this show has.

This anime has many useless characters that contribute absolutely nothing for the story. An example of a useless character would be Atra Mixta. This character was absolutely useless. She was simply just a one dimensional character that did nothing but flirt with Mikazuki (which is very cringe since she appears to be an 8 year old). This also brings me to my next point, the romance in this anime is done horribly. It's extremely bad. It just turned somewhat into a harem with Kudelia and Atra (the worst characters in the story). It was so poorly done because there was so much build up between Mikazuki and Kudelia's relationship, but then he just ends up with the girl that appears to be 8 years old. Not only this, but the romance is just extremely cringey. It makes it even worse because the characters have minimal to none character development. The romance between Akihiro and Lafter was terrible. All of that build up just so she can get shot by a RANDOM person? That's extremely bad writing. This also brings me to my next point, the way the characters die in the end was EXTREMELY bad, especially in the case of Orga Itsuka. He just randomly gets shot by a random person! That's the absolute worst way to kill off a protagonist. If you're still reading this review, I want you to do something. Think of a long running anime that you really like. How the fuck would you feel if the main characters just gets killed by a random person that shot him. It's fucking pathetic isn't it? Instead of making him die in a badass way like Shino, the directors decide to get him killed like that. That's extremely bad writing. This anime pretty much did the same thing Akame Ga Kill did, killing of characters in the dumbest of ways. What makes it so bad is that the characters have zero depth to them, so us as the audience really couldn't care less if they die.

So here is an overall summary of my review

Animation: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Characters: 0/10
Plot: 0/10
Writing: 0/10
Enjoyment: 2/10

Overall: 2/10