Jul 18, 2018
tonk0tsuramen (All reviews)
In summary, I really enjoy reading Kakao 79%. I know I haven't even read up till the latest chapter and I'm probably really biased now, but I just wanted to write a review.

You'll probably enjoy this story very much if you love cliches, childhood friends falling in love with each other and some drama and angst threw in there (mmMMmMmMm angst). The female lead is strong and independent and I love her for that. The male lead is handsome and I love how precious the lead female is to him. Bonus: He's hot (Of course he has to be).

You probably WON'T like it if the girl is dense and takes her 100+ chapters to realize a dude is attracted to her, and if you're used to reading black and white manga you might not be used it because it's full colored.

Without further ado, let's start the review!

It's the same old cliched story where a character falls in love with their childhood friend, and they try to make them see that they "don't want to be just friends" and stuff. You know, the normal. The male lead falls in love with the female lead and he's absolutely smitten... I LOVE IT.
From young till present, Yuu and Tsubasa have been neighbors and inseparable. Due to Yuu being extremely popular with the girls, Tsubasa has been bullied quite a lot because she's by his side due to their jealousy. Therefore when they got into high school, she's determined to make female friends buuuuut...

ANYWAY, one of the reasons why I REALLY love this series is because of the pacing. It isn't too rushed.

To me, I think it's cute! It's actually like the normal manga art, but full colored. It's more like a webtoon? Kinda like ReLife. Sometimes when there are funny moments, the artist draws them really funnily and I have so many screenshots of them.
As you read on, you can actually see the development in the artist's art and there is nothing more satisfying about that. The colors become so much more vibrant as compared to when I first started it, in which the characters look kinda dead. The characters all looked sickly due to the coloring but I'm glad it improved.

Tsubasa: Strong, athletic, always helping others, really puts herself out there. Innocent. PURE. Super cheerful and loud, sometimes very awkward around people, can't lie well, the opposite of her childhood friend.

Yuu: Glutton, seems collected and calm but is actually not (It's kinda like a RBF). Have I told you he's really smart? Basically in love with Tsubasa. Has been trying to contain his affections for her but it's no longer gonna work because it's been too long, and when I say too long, I mean from kindergarten to high school. He's trying to be gentle and not rush things but sometimes he really can't help it.

I really enjoy reading this series. It may be too soon for me to review this, but I will come back and review it if I feel like the story slowly turns bad. So far so good, as stated above, the pacing is good and the development as well. I'm really enjoying it.

Overall, I give it an 8. I don't want to be overly biased and give it like a 9 or 10, because it's a simple love story, and because it hasn't ended yet.

I hope that if you read this, you'll enjoy it as much as I do!