Jul 18, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
In Japan, radiation creates monsters (Godzilla). In America, radiation creates superheroes. It's almost like Japan and America have very different narratives surrounding nuclear fallout. If we think really really hard, we might know why this is.

Anyway, this animated Gojira 2nd movie is better than Marvel's Avengers and you should feel bad for not being weeb enough to realize its superiority. We have better written story, superior storytelling, way less CGI, characters who serve other purposes beyond being marketing baits, and most importantly, we are not watching pg13 rated shonen movie which Marvel Cinematic Universe represents with its content. Ask yourself the question "Why would I choose superhero over super awesome?"

If the first movie didn't impress you with its best scenes such as the one where man saw a flower and burst into tears because mother nature has not abandon humanity, or the scene where dude said "keikaku doori" (all according to the plan) followed by everything falling apart 2 minutes later, or the rampage of flying mini-godzillas -- worry not! This time the man himself is here and he is not just your normal Godzilla. No! He is Mecha Godzilla (pronounced megagodzilla)! This is seriously the funniest thing I have seen since the laser-sharks scene from The Lego Movie (2014).

Not only that, we have biblical references, tanned tattoo waifus (p l u r a l), gun mags that always have one more shot left, Lara Croft's bow-wielding abo cousin, dudes who accept their destiny in 3 seconds like waddup I was born in the tunnels bby, person named Belu-Be, tentacles, nanometals (the worst of all metals!), epic time skips and nice technologies (EMP harpoons, meta missiles and whatnot), electro panic (that song at 42 minute mark), very own me2 campaign, and dialog about Godzilla's effect on ecosystem followed by more tentacles. Seriously, that timing, bro. This is the type of greatness that keeps on giving and rewarding those who pay attention. Hanazawa Kana is also there because most people wouldn't even consider this anime otherwise.

The art and animation follow the same idea as the last one. Meaning this is Netflix's own idea of nu-anime, spiced with some Berserk 2017 art design. I would complain, but since the creatures are monsters, I have had a blast calling Godzilla a CGI-Monster instead. The sound directing is from the Hollywood. Meaning keeping your bass at anime settings is not the best idea. I wasn't prepared, left a class of water on the table and the Jurassic Park effect hit it pretty hard. If you're into that sorta things, then this is a treat for you. It's almost like our CGI-Monster is walking at your very yard.

When it comes to the characters, we have a squad nearly as colorful as in Mars of Destruction. After 2 movies, I am still quite unsure which one of them is the real main character, but that's hardly the point of this movie. Basically this movie is Japan's animated take on the chaos movie boom which was started by Sharknado in 2013. As a person who has seen all 5 Sharknado movies (yes there are 5 already, 6th coming this year) I have to recommend this Godzilla movie series to each and every anime viewer who have been blessed with the ability of enjoying purposely done bad more than things which tried to be good but weren't.