Jul 14, 2018
Sereshay (All reviews)
A budding romance between student and teacher is beautifully portrayed in Yukidoke no Koi.
Alongside its imagery of snow and blossoms, every aspect of the story has a delicate and ephemeral nature to it. It addresses the question of whether love is something that is just as transient as everything else.

Sensei is still recovering from the trauma of losing the man he loved. He experienced how easily broken a gay relationship is when faced with the dictates of society to have a “normal” relationship. A student in his class, Sumiko, is in perhaps what is the most delicate period of a young person’s life. He is still growing and changing everyday, and has many uncertainties about the future. Sumiko ends up falling in love with his teacher. Sensei, afraid of the past repeating itself, rejects Sumiko’s advances because he believes that the young man will also one day leave him when he decides to pursue a heterosexual relationship instead.

This is a manga about finding moments of eternity in the face of things that could easily vanish along with the snow and blossoms.