Jul 14, 2010
SakuraForever (All reviews)
I'd say it's an important read over the paradox version, though I would recommend that you read both since they are intriguing in their own way. I like Mosaic's presentation of explaining character ordeals and the classy gimmicks of their "soon to be" diaries which seem to reflect their personality traits. Learning a bit more about Deus should just give you more of an incentive to read this, it's nothing more than something you can (and probably will) finish in one day.

While I thought Mosaic was gonna be going through the highs and ends of detailing characters off, it only really seems to focus on one. And that person is Uryuu Minene, or the "9th" as she is sometimes referred to. But to say at least, she's one of my favorite characters and seems to be many other people's as well. So I was excited to read about Minene prior to the events before she got her diary, for example. Or perhaps why she wears the crazy stuff she wears. Or why she's just crazy period haha. You'll get to know more about her and a little bit of others here, characters cross paths with another and drama still insues to keep you captivated.

The art is fairly the same as the original, superb. So not gonna go too deep on this matter, if you read the original you'll know what you'll be getting/seeing. It is but preference if people decide to read this before the original, which isn't a bad idea now that I think about it. I understand that this is suppose to be a "side story" or some kind if you will, but I really wish it was longer than 5 measly chps. The enjoyment rather ends quickly, and you're back to waiting yet another month for releases. There's many characters in Mirai Nikki that I felt they could done some kinda spin-off on, or just grouped that into this all-together.

It's still a good read, perhaps a necessary one if you are fan of Minene. Overall, I don't even think you have to like Minene to read this. It's kept short, and is good to say that you have read it (just being a fan of Mirai Nikki).