Jul 11, 2018
PhoenixKola (All reviews)
While Sword Art Online always treated itself very seriously and was centred around, for better and for worse, genuine life-and-death drama, this spin-off takes the general outline of the setting and the GGO shooter game and simply have fun with it. With its over-the-top characters, action and a rather silly, predictable main intrigue, it definitely won't captivate you with its storytelling, but is visually impressive and genuinely fun to watch.

It also doesn't take itself seriously at all, although the humour is more delivered through the sheer absurdity of the situations presented and contrasting characters with their online personas, more than outright gags. It might not be perfect for those that simply hoped for more SAO, but will satisfy all those fed up with original's melodrama. All-in-all, a rather average, but fun series that I do not regret watching - just don't expect an emotional masterpiece.