Jul 11, 2018
Karhu (All reviews)
I am not truly sure which part of this series annoyed me the most. Perhaps the half-Japanese half-Chinese voice acting which served no purpose in the series whatsoever. The Chinese parts were not acted in any sense of the word, instead just spoken in the most monotonous and personality-lacking way imaginable.

Our main character was not much better. Heroine-chan is simply uninteresting and boring. Basically every 5th word in her dialog is "sorry", which would be somewhat meme if she was Canadian. Every time she forms a sentence, she takes the first part of the sentence back and starts over from the beginning. I fail to see how this is supposed to serve the series or her character. It feels annoying and nothing more.

The story is just stupid. Our heroine needs to be a heroine because that's the point of this series. To achieve this, she randomly teleports to a place where she speaks Japanese instead. Th story centers around her saving perverted toddlers from the arms of sword-wielding villains. Everything happening in the Japanese-tongue side of the world seems to symbolize her Chinese lifestyle because this is apparently a very deep and complex story. The slice of life drama in the Chinese section is offensively bad. The whole writing relies on character archetypes used as plot elements and literally evil people getting owned by heroes who save "victims" from being wronged. I felt physically ill after witnessing this. Not because it was so unfair for the characters, but because it was so hideously written. Why this series is considered to be a comedy if beyond my understanding.

The art an animation surely do not give glory to anything in the series. During fight scenes, our fighters "disappear" because they are supposedly so fast and amazingly powerful. In reality, they disappear so their movements didn't need to be animated. Half the time they still are visible, and what we get are fast paces but generic fights which mainly seem like bad excuses for content. There is a perfect word for it: lackluster, and that pretty much can be used to describe everything else in the series as well.

To Be Hero had beyond catchy songs, and awesome comedy. However, the series got old super fast tho and a quality drop occurred. Heroine on the other hand is bad from the very beginning and never got any better. I can't recommend this series to anyone. It's boring and fails to entertain.

*I am not sure if the other spoken language is even Chinese. I simply do not know and don't care much enough to find out. This series was originally released in Chinese, so I assume it is.*