Jul 9, 2018
xre (All reviews)
I feel like that I can't give another 10 to an emotional anime now that I have seen this...

Sukasuka is the one anime that will linger in my heart for quite some time. It is also first drama/romance anime that made me want to re-watch. It's also a hard anime to describe with words; it's really an emotional roller coaster. But if I were to describe Sukasuka in terms of more popular anime, I'd describe it as what "Violet Evergarden Should Have been", or Anohana, or Clannad or whatever.

Think of Sukasuka as an emotional movie that gets your heart into wrecks because it is comparable to, well actually better than a lot of emotional movies. It has perfect soundtracks played at the right time, with happy and sad themes to add more to the story. The soundwork for SukaSuka is one of the best, rivaling Violet Evergarden. The sounds add another dimension on this such already great anime.

Despite it's long title (which made it subject to laughs of being an anime based off LN, which are quite full with mediocre stories), sukasuka has one of the best stories I have seen in anime so far. Well stories aside, it's phenomenal in ... just all departments.

The world building in Sukasuka is ONE OF THE BEST. I won't talk much about the story here, but from the first episode where Willem and Chtholly met, I could tell that there were much to be explored in this world with floating islands and fairies. Some LN readers have complained that this anime is not full adaptation of the 5 novels, but the anime by itself completes Chtholly's story (and in a good fashion) too. There is a beginning, the roller coaster then the resolution. It's not like many other LN adaptation where it is cut off in the middle.

The reason I gave a 9 on the enjoyment is because the empty sensation that comes as a result of finishing this anime. It's been several weeks since I finished this series, but I still yearn to find another series like this. A lot of anime looks pretty shit now that I have seen this. I am really sad that this anime doesn't get the attention it deserves. The production and the story is top-tier, levels ahead of majority of popular anime.

TL; DR: A Masterpiece (coming from a guy with really low MAL avg ratings)