Jul 9, 2018
LeaOotori (All reviews)
It was okay… I didn’t find it all that entertaining. Each of the characters in Teekyuu is funny when they’re all together. When they’re apart like this, the show isn’t very entertaining. Their personalities are funny when they're all clashing together. When they're singled out, they come across as annoying and boring.

The bit where they were together was fun enough, but after that, it kinda just fell apart for me. It was average, but it honestly bored me. I might have liked it better if there was some kind of resolution to the stuff going on, but it was all random and just didn't feel right without the other girls. Even though Nasuno was my favorite characters (and I was super excited for this show) it really didn't pan out how I thought it would.

If you liked Teekyuu, I would still recommend you watch it because it retains some qualities that others might still like, but it personally just didn't cater to me.

Have a great day everyone!