Jul 9, 2018
LeaOotori (All reviews)
I usually like a different genre of anime... like dramas or horror or thriller or sometimes romance. I'm not really into the comedy or 'gag' genre, but yet I found myself liking this series and watched all the specials and OVAs I was able to find.

While some of the other ones were pretty fun, I didn't find spinout to be all that entertaining.

The stories were all unrelated (as I expected) but the episodes were disconnected within themselves as well. The random humor that the show boasts wasn't very well done here. It seemed almost too random, rendering it unfunny and grating on the nerves with the same running gags over and over that quickly got old. The only part I enjoyed really was Aki's trial and some of Hideyoshi's play, really.

However, the art was adorable. I loved the chibi style even though that's not usually my thing.

Sound was nothing special at all, and the characters were like caricatures of themselves.

Overall, I enjoyed this enough to finish it, but it was just a boring version of the show, really.

I would recommend this if you: really really love the running gags in the show, like chibis, like random humor

I would NOT recommend this if you: don't like running gags, didn't like the original show

Have a great day everyone!