Jul 8, 2018
OddOtaku (All reviews)
If you've read my previous review of Tetsuwan Birdy Decode, you know I loved it but had a couple gripes with it. Well gladly I can say that Tetsuwan Birdy Decode:02 is much better. The villain isn't a meme. This time, it's a new villain who feels just as fitting in the cast with everyone else. Though, it does kinda feel now that everyone else is swept under the rug but it's likely because we already know about them. It even kinda goes to take them to show them recuperating from the previous seasons events that occurred. And Birdy has a new objective of keeping these criminals alive to face justice though it seems some don't want them to live long enough to. It's a perfect way to make conflict which again in this series, feel natural. But two sad details, while the style of the art is the same, fast paced sequences has taken a hit on its quality, especially on the final confrontation, and secondly, there is no third season in sight which is a shame with the number of questions left to be answered, even if you've watched the OVA. Maybe in the manga it's all cleared but I've yet to finish those. Would I recommend Birdy Decode? Yes, I would suggest you see this show.