Jul 6, 2018
altobrun (All reviews)
Story: 10/10 - There is no story, and there doesn't always need to be some epic tale of adventure to make a media enjoyable; and that's what Komi-san is. Pure, unadulterated enjoyment.

The tl;dr is the main heroine, Komi-san - is a beautiful, intelligent girl with crippling social anxiety. With the help of our main character Tadano, Komi-san hopes to make 100 friends. This premise serves as a segue to meet a string of colorful supporting characters, and allow them to interact in fun everyday events, that are totally new and unique to previously friendless Komi.

Art: 9/10 - Good, clean art with fun caricatures. Komi is, for all intents and purposes - a mute. As such most of her 'dialog' comes from her physical reactions to events, something the author does a fantastic job showing.

Enjoyment: 10/10 - In 10+ years of reading manga and watching anime I don't think a series as short as Komi-san has ever made me laugh, or go aww, as many times as this one has. I've recommended it to multiple friends and never gotten a negative response from those who gave it a read.

Komi-san is funny, sweet, heartwarming, and shallow - and sometimes, that's exactly what you want.

Overall: 10/10 - Is Komi-san the perfect romance? No. Is it the perfect slice of life? No. Is Komi-san the perfect comedy? Maybe.

Komi-san is a series that I come back to every few months and reread it from scratch. The short chapter lengths allow me to finish the series on a lazy Saturday, and I'm always left with a big smile and a full heart.

I cannot recommend this Manga enough.