Jul 5, 2018
Pretenseboy (All reviews)
So it has finally ended, what a ride it has been. This review will contain minor spoilers but will not refer to any specifics.

In the later half of the original Tokyo Ghoul, Ishida had begun to explore the maddening, fracturing psyche of Ken Kaneki. Tokyo Ghoul:Re is the natural continuation of this exploration and delivers an extremely satisfying resolution about halfway in.

However, things deteriorate after this. The second half of the Manga is sadly lacking in my opinion, delving into a long, uninteresting and poorly plotted arc (with a few standout sequences) which ultimately only leads to a sort of doubling down on the conclusion reached midway through the manga. This is a shame, and even the ending feels somewhat bland. It is almost as if Ishida reached the conclusion he had been building towards midway through and was then forced to keep on writing.

However, it must not be understated how truly fantastic the first half of this manga is. If the second half of the original TG and the first half of :Re where one piece, it would be a clean 10 for me, a masterpiece.

The exploration of Kaneki's psyche is alluring and intimate, punctuated by Ishida's fantastic art which can be both haunting and insane as well as loving and beautiful. It always manages to retain a poetic and calligraphic quality, dipping into the hellish and soaring into the serene, but never losing its cohesion in style.

Tokyo Ghoul:Re was a spectacular conclusion to probably my favorite Manga, offering a truly mature story of living with the horrors of the world, the cruelty one must embrace and an intangible, fractured self. I wish that conclusion had also been its ending, but it does not bother me anyway near enough for it to sway my recommendation.

Read Tokyo Ghoul, read Tokyo Ghoul:Re.